Phone to TV HDMI Cables for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablet PC

Phone to TV HDMI Cables, including iPhone HDMI TV cable adapters, Android to TV HDMI cables, iPhone+Android to TV HDMI Cables. All these Phone2TV cables are designed and manufactured specially for screen mirroring with the HDMI cable without the support of WiFi AirPlay receiver, Apple TV, WiFi Miracast or MHL.

This Android-2-TV HDMI cable (VTC-A5) is for screen mirroring of Smartphones/Tablet PCs with Micro USB connector to TV or projector with HDMI port, especially when the TV/projector or the smartphone/tablet PC doesn't support Miracast or MHL. With this Phone-2-HDMI TV adapter cable you can use the TV to share videos…
This iPhone 5/iPhone 6/iPhone7 to TV cable HDMI adapter is for mirroring the screen of iPhone/iPad with the lightning connector to HDTV/projector with HDMI port, when there's no WiFi AirPlay receiver or Apple TV. This iPhone Lightning to HDMI TV cable adapter can help you to share videos and slideshows…
This Phone2TV EZWire iPhone and Android USB to TV universal HDMI cable is for mirroring iPhone/iPad with the lightning connector, Android Smartphones/tablet PC's with the MicroUSB port to a TV or projector through HDMI port, especially when there's no WiFi router, or no Apple TV for iPhone/iPad AirPlay mirroring, or…
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